Happy Day


Five years ago today, Tiana (and my sister), made me an Auntie! I'm celebrating by sharing a post I wrote for her 1st birthday. At the time, when we would say "Happy Birthday," she would say "Happy Day!" It was so adorable and really inspired me to look at what makes each day a happy day. I love how much the "littles" have to teach us. 

What can you celebrate to make it a happy day?

Happy Day (March 3, 2010)

As my niece celebrates her first birthday today. "Happy Day" Tiana :) I am reminded of the other new beginning last year.... I became an aunt. Watching all her firsts this past year has been entertaining and educational for all of us. For instance... there is such a thing as too much of a good thing... such as icing...

She had had quite enough of the sweet stuff and was not sure what to do with the rest of it.

She had had quite enough of the sweet stuff and was not sure what to do with the rest of it.

There's also good reason to sometimes take baby steps as you learn. Yoga is a good example of that. If I push myself too hard or try to progress too fast I may hurt myself or, at least, become frustrated. If I take the time to feel into my body as I open up in different ways, I am more likely to notice my "edge" and coax it to move rather than pushing through it.

Watching a baby learn and grow can teach compassion for the "baby steps". I can turn that compassion towards myself as I learn and grow in my own way. When I watch new students take those baby steps, that bring so much excitement, I am inspired and excited myself to see how they change. In that, I am reminded to notice my baby steps and where they have brought me and continue to bring me each, happy day.

Core assets... make each day a "happy day". Find your core and your edge in your baby steps and watch out for that icing ;)


At this point I have three nieces (and a nephew) to learn from, all at different stages, and I'm so blessed for the lessons, love and cuddles I get from each of them. Any day that I see them is a happy day. I also find peace and happiness in nature and among other loved ones. Feel free to share what makes a happy day for you. 

In Joy!