The Ruts of Our Lives

Ruts, in Sanskrit – Samskaras, can be seen as habits or patterns. Like conditioning or ruts in the mud (like the ones in the picture), one can get stuck and have trouble getting out. Most likely, you have positive and negative ruts or patterns, but you may not be aware of all of them. Unlike the obvious rut in the mud, Samskaras, can be very subtle and often not visible to the eyes at all. Do you get irritated by certain people or situations? Do you have a certain way of moving your body while walking or in yoga? Do you cross your fingers, arms or legs the same way every time? Yes, even that is a rut. Remember, they’re not always negative, but they are very often ingrained and automatic.

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At the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

 "In daily life, we tend to remain within a familiar but limited comfort zone by staying away from both our physical and mental edges.
Your skill in yoga has little to do with your degree of flexibility or where your edges happen to be. Rather, it is a function of how sensitively you play your edges, no matter where they are."
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